VFX2GO is a visual effects company with a proven  record of success.

From large-scale studio productions to the passion-project indie film, VFX2GO believes in delivering high-quality effects at competitive rates.    We approach each project with integrity, enthusiasm and an open-mindset. Our motto:  "Reframing what's possible" isn't just indicative of the level of creativity that we bring to the table, but how we approach the unique challenges of each project set before us.  This flexible approach allows us to better connect with our clients and take their ideas from concept to fully realized effects. With a belief that no job is impossible with the right team behind you, reframe what's possible with us and start your next project with VFX2GO.

Jake Akuna

Director/ Visual Effects Supervisor 

Director/ Visual Effects Supervisor 

Jake Akuna is the Founder and Visual Effects Supervisor at VFX2GO.  With over a decade in VFX and directing television and film, Jake brings a unique skill-set and vision to each project he takes on.  From his highly-stylized music videos for dozens of artists, to creating eerie effects in the world of horror, Jake's ability to adapt to multiple genres has served him well in the role of visual effects supervisor. Jake is also the co-founding member of the Dis-N-Dat Media Group, which has been producing television content for Time Warner since 2003.